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Print Quality NXT

Memjet Printhead

Intermittent missing dots (lines, in direction of media travel) or changes in color, that temporarily improve after Mid-Job Servicing (MJS) occurs.
Automatic Printhead Maintenance features need to be adjusted.

Set “Mid-Job Servicing” to a lower value.

Set “KWS” to a higher level.

Set “Interpage Frequency” to lower value.

Persistent missing dots (crisp or jagged lines, in direction of media travel)
Clogged or dirty Printhead. Air in printhead/ink lines

Clean Printhead using “Maintenance” features. Run “Full Clean Printhead”.

Replace Printhead and Wiper Roller.

Blurry/wavy images

Printhead too far from media surface.

Printhead needs maintenance or replacement.

Reduce Media Thickness and or Print Height values to bring Printhead closer to media.

Clean Printhead using Maintenance features (Quick/Normal/Full Clean) from Printer Touchscreen or Toolbox.

Clean Printhead manually using distilled water and a wet, clean, lint-free cloth.

Replace Printhead and Wiper Roller.

Black bar/line printed near trailing edge of media
Purge Bar hitting trailing edge of media.
Check/adjust “Purge Bar Position”.
Feeding problems and or image distortions

Double sheets. Misfeeds.

Media hesitating or skewing.

Adjust Sheet Separators.

Check adjust Media Thickness.

Try using low (3 dot) Print Platen.

Verify that Print Platen & Drip Tray Assembly are installed properly; sitting level.

Try un-locking, but not opening, Exit Transport Cover.