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Inspecting the Service Station to Extend Printhead Life

The Service Station cleans Printhead Cartridge of excess ink and debris, keeps Printhead hydrated and protected when not in use, and captures and removes ink used to keep nozzles clear. It moves out of the way of the Printhead during printing. With proper periodic maintenance; it is designed to provide a long service life.

To access the Service Station for inspection and cleaning:

1. Using the Touchscreen, select “Menu” then tap “Maintenance” from the drop-down menu. Tap “Inspect Sled”. The Service Station moves out from under the Printhead Assembly.

2. Open the Printhead Door. NOTE: If you don’t open the Printhead Door within 30 seconds, to stop the countdown timer, the Printhead will automatically raise and the Service Station Sled will return to the cap position when the “Inspect Timeout” value reaches zero.

3. Visually inspect the Service Station for cleaning or service. Use a dry, lint-free cloth to soak up any excess ink from the Wiper Motor Assembly [A] and Capping Station [B].

NOTE: Don’t wipe or rub the Wiper Roller. Damage to the wiper roller surface may result.

4. Tap “End Inspection” on the Touchscreen to move the Service Station back under the Printhead Assembly.

5. Close the Printhead Door.

NOTE: If you see anything wrong with any of the Service Station components (Wiper Roller, Wiper Motor Assembly or Capping Station) or you continue to experience image quality issues (missing nozzles, color mixing, etc.), please contact your service representative.

Service Station Maintenance: It is very important that the components within the Service Station receive proper, routine maintenance. If not you may experience image quality issues and reduced Printhead life. Service station maintenance may include removing and cleaning the Capping Station and Wiper Motor Assembly. Cleaning the Service Station Tray and replacing the Wiper Roller. Service Station maintenance and wiper roller replacement should only be performed by a qualified/trained person. Please contact your service representative to obtain training or to have them perform this service for you.