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Printer Errors NXT

Printer won’t Power-up

Power cord disconnected.

Power switch OFF.

Didn’t press Soft-power button.

Blown fuse.

Check AC Power Cord connections, Main Power Switch, and Soft-Power Button.

Check wall outlet for proper power.

Press Soft-power button.

If still not powering-up; unplug and check fuse.

No communication

Printer not turned ON.

Cable disconnected.

Improper Printer Driver Port settings or improper Printer Network settings.

See “Printer won’t Power-up”, above.

Check USB/Network cable connections

Check Driver, Port, settings. Check Printer Network Settings. Re-install driver.

Job is sent to printer but printer does not feed or print.

Printer Offline (in Pause or Error state).

One of the Media Sensors sees paper present.

Open Clamshell and remove media.

Check/Clean Sensors

Tap Clear Error and Resume Job

Printer feeds and counts pieces, but does not print.
No Error displayed.

Print position missing media or media missing print position.

Misfed Media is blocking printhead.

If unsure of print position; setup printer to feed 8.5” x 11” media, centered in the “Print Zone”. If printer is printing, image should show on 8.5” wide media. Once you see where image is located; adjust media or print position as needed.

Open Clamshell and check “Printhead Opening”. Media may have traveled up into this area and is blocking printhead. Remove misfed media.
Improper output (address information out of order, miss-feeding, etc.)

Wrong interface settings.

Static electricity.

Dirty Media Sensor.

Check software or database on PC.

Close software, then turn Printer OFF and ON.

Clean Media Sensor.

Ink Tank installed, no Ink Level indication in Toolbox
Ink Tank contacts dirty, preventing Printer/Ink Tank communication.
Remove Ink Tank(s). Clean prism and QA Chip contacts; see Maintenance, Cleaning Ink Tank Contacts.
Media jams/skews

Double feeding.

Media is curled or bent.

Media is too thin.

Media Thickness not set properly.

Using wrong Print Platen or not installed properly.

Adjust Sheet Separators.

Uncurl media.

Check that media meets thickness specs.

Check adjust Media Thickness.

Try using low (3 dot) Print Platen. Verify that Print Platen & Drip Tray Assembly are installed properly; sitting level.