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iJetColor Shutdown and Memjet Printhead Storage

For best system performance, it is recommended to keep Print Engine powered-up at all times.  Each iJetColor System has it's own recommended specific procedures for shutdown that are very similar.  Make sure to review your individual machines procedure.  You can search your manual with the keyword "Shutdown"


Selecting normal shutdown procedure on a properly maintained system and keeping your printhead in your machine, is an acceptable practice.  If you experience difficulty when starting the machine back up you may need to adjust your procedures.


Removing the printhead and following the acceptable printhead storage guidelines must be followed to prevent damage to the printhead. It must be properly protected and sealed; to help reduce damage, nozzle dehydration and clogging. Follow the “Replacing the Printhead Cartridge” procedure for your iJetColor System to remove the Printhead Cartridge. Install the protective cover on the Printhead. Be careful to avoid ink spills (drips) and stains during this process. Store Printhead Cartridge in a sealed plastic bag, along with a cloth that has been dampened with distilled water. Reinstall the “Cap Protectors” onto the Ink Revolver Couplings. The Printhead should be re-installed as soon as possible. Please see the section in your manual titled “Install Printhead Cartridge”. 

CAUTION: Make sure the cartridges electrical contacts are dry before re-installing Printhead. Make sure you have an adequate supply of ink. (generally 30% of each ink color left.)


1. Fold a lint free cloth several times so that it will fit into the bottom of the orange storage cap that came with the printhead.

2. Wet the lint free cloth slightly with distilled or deionized water. This will help to prevent the ink nozzles from becoming dehydrated.

3. Place the printhead into the orange cap and secure the cap.

4. Place the printhead into a large Ziploc bag. Force excess air out of the bag and seal.

5. Re‐install the “Cap Protectors” onto the Ink Revolver Couplings.